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Hp Omen Laptop

The hp omen 16. 1 gaming laptop has an amd ryzen 7 and 16gb memory for 16gb or 24gb of storage, it is a 14 manufactured by hp.

Omen Laptop

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Omen Hp Laptop

The omen series has got a 16. 1 qhd gaming display on a high-end laptop screen. This laptop has a powerful intel core i7-8 betteaing to its 16gb memory, and a nvidia geforce 860m graphics card for providing ultra hd gaming experiences. Other features include a also high-end screen resolution of 16. 1 qhd. the hp omen laptop has a very comfortable design with an backlit keyboard and keyboard connector. It is also equipped with a powerful processor with an energy-saving features, such as power saving technology and a quick start guide. The laptop also has a large amount of features for an 15. 6" display. The omen's features include an all-new gaming consol, the ryzen 7, an 8-core processor, with 16gb of 2, 133mah battery life. The ryzen 7 is perfect for gaming and will be ideal for gamers looking for a powerful and efficient gaming laptop. what is in the box? the hp omen 15-ax256nr gaming laptop has a core i7-7700hq 8gb 512gb ssd and a nvidia gtx 1050. It is expected to cost more than $2, it has a digital backlight that helps in seeing detail in the light. The display also has a digital readout that shows the time, temperature, and battery life. The laptop has an easy-to-use control center that helps in adding and setting up programs. Additionally, the control center provides help for adding other devices to the laptop. There is a social networking option that allows for sharing photos and stories with others. Additionally, the laptop has an easy-to-use ports that make it easy to connect and use.