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Wireless Monitor For Laptop

Our wireless monitor stand for laptop offers an adjustable computer laptop riser home. With its notify technology and monitor height adjustability, this stand keeps your computer where you need it to be. The sleek design is perfect for your home or office.

Metal Laptop PC Monitor Stand with Wireless Charger Computer Riser Sturdy

Metal Laptop PC Monitor Stand

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Aluminum Laptop PC Monitor Stand with Wireless Charger Computer Riser Sturdy
Alluminum alloy  smart base laptop monitor holder stand with USB 3.0/wireless
Single Laptop Mount with Tray for Laptop up to 17 Monitor Stand + Laptop Tray

Single Laptop Mount with Tray

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Laptop Stand with USB 3.0 Charging Port Wireless Charger For Laptop PC Monitor

Laptop Stand with USB 3.0

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Wireless Monitor For Laptop Ebay

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Cheap Wireless Monitor For Laptop

This wireless monitor for laptop is perfect for those who want a mouse without any further instructions. The receiver is attached to the mouse and can be used while connected to your pc. This makes it perfect for uses such as working that require access to your computer without having to break out the cable. The bamboo stand is durable and sturdy, making it a great choice for those who have a light-weight laptop. It comes with a wireless charging pad, making it easy to get your device up and running. It uses 200m wireless and it is rate-able for a transmitter to multi receiver system. The monitor also has a range of up to 1, 000ft and it is qualified with the: 100m wireless cooker. It has a single laptop mount that can fit most laptops up to 17 inch; which is a great feature for those with large devices. The monitor stand is also very strong and can hold even large laptops. This is a great addition for those who need to view their contents in complete privacy.